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Lid Assist

US patent # 7999163 B2 - International Patents Pending

The Safety-Ease Lid Assist is an apparatus with which you can easily raise and lower the lid of your grand piano. In this video you are watching the lid of a 7' grand piano (approx. weight 50+ lbs) being easily opened and safely closed even by a child! 

The Safety-Ease Lid Assist mounts under the lid of the piano between the lid hinges and is compatible with most grand piano's standard inner rim. It is ebony polished to match most finishes, requires no drilling and will not damage the piano. It can be easily removed and re-installed should the piano need to be placed on it's side for transportation.

Safety while Closing!

Protection from injury/damage due to your lid falling.

Great safety feature for homes with small children.


Ease when Opening!

No heavy lifting to raise the lid.

No need to strain yourself anymore!

You can keep the lid closed until use.

Pianists can easily experiment with the differences in tonal quality achieved by varying the lid height.

Maintenance Advantages of keeping the lid closed until use include:

Less dust and cleaning needed for your soundboard.

Lessens the possibility of damage by changes in temperature and humidity.

May help your dehumidifier to work more effectively.

May increase the longevity of your piano's strings.

The Safety-Ease Lid Assist carries a 2 year manufacturer's limited warranty and includes professional installation through your authorized dealer.